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Cross Tattoo Galleries - How to Create Your Own Tattoo from Cross Tattoo Galleries

Crosses are, without a doubt, the most popular type of tattoo you can get. Just about everyone likes to employ a cross, whether they use it in their own designs or as just a standalone tattoo. Perhaps it is because the cross can symbolize so many things, or maybe it is just because the cross is one of the most basic, easiest shapes for tattoo artists to create. Whatever the reason, whenever you get a tattoo of a cross on your body, you want to make sure that it stands out from the thousands of other tattoos of the same design.

When getting a cross tattoo, the worst possible thing you can do is take a tattoo design right out of one of the cross tattoo galleries and tell the artist that is what you want on your body. Do you really want some boring, used up design that hundreds of other people have already used, on your body? Why not get something original? Something you can call your own. Even if you have no design skill whatsoever, there are countless ways to create a unique cross design.

The best way for non artistic types to create their own unique cross tattoo is to start with a template of some sort. A basic foundation that you can build on with your own unique taste. And that's where the cross tattoo galleries come in. Although you should never get a tattoo straight from a gallery, you should certainly use the gallery to your advantage as a starting point for what you create yourself.

So, the first step to finding your own unique cross tattoo is to look through gallery after gallery to find a design that is fitting. Do you want a Celtic cross? A Roman cross? One of the other countless types of crosses? There are hundreds of examples of crosses in any given tattoo gallery, so find the four or five designs that you like the best and go from there.

If you have some drawing skill, you can take the cross tattoo templates that you have gathered and add your own sketches to them to make the designs your own. Otherwise, just make a list of some things you would like changed and tell the tattoo artist about the changes you want when you go in for your tattoo. The artist will create a quick sketch which should match what you are looking for.

Cross tattoo galleries can be a great resource for finding incredible designs. For more ideas and designs, please visit our site: Tattoo Ideas

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Tattoo Gallery - Where To Find Your Tattoo!

Finding the right tattoo is obviously very important since you'll be wearing it for life. Finding that tattoo can be challenging, and exhausting if you don't look in the right places. A tattoo gallery can actually take many forms. From print, to online, to outdoors. Here are three forms of a tattoo gallery where you can find your ideal tattoo.

1. The Parlor. Naturally there is going to be a decent tattoo gallery in a tattoo parlor. Here you can go through books of various designs and photos. The walls should also be covered with various tattoo design ideas. The disadvantage is you're not in a library where you can sit down and scour through the books for hours or check them out to bring home. You may need numerous visits to a tattoo parlor to look at your favorite designs over and over before making that important decision.

2. The Outdoors. Here's a tattoo gallery one doesn't generally think of. But the outdoors provides a vast assortment of tattoo ideas and if you can develop your eyes to see in tattoo imagery, the outdoors can be a great tattoo gallery. Areas of specific interest are graffiti areas where you can view not only potential tattoo images, but murals as well. I personally have a whole graffiti mural picked out which has inspired a tattoo design. Be sure to bring a camera and photograph any ideas.

3. Print books or Online Catalogues. Perhaps the best place to see a tattoo gallery is in the comfort of your own dwelling, alone, sifting through a printed book or an online catalogue. Here you can really feel out your tattoo design, let it sit with you for a few weeks and then come back to it and see if it's personally the real deal for you. Many guides or books can cut to the chase and show you the latest and best designs available as well as older, classic, tattoo designs.

Tattoo Safety 101

The process involves needles tattoo that move at great speed to penetrate the layers of the skin. The needles break in the skin, and to inject ink points in the third layer, creating the image of the tattoo design in the skin. Whenever you get a tattoo, common sense and a bit of security are always the most important.

While obtaining a tattoo, most people will be afraid of the virus known as HIV, which can lead to the dreaded AIDS virus. Although many fear HIV, it is one of many viruses that may result from tattoos. Staph, syphilis, tuberculosis, hepatitis and are all but a small number of other diseases that may result from tattoos. All it takes is a dirty needle or unhealthy and you could wind up contracting a deadly virus listed above.

Like other activities, tattooing can be very dangerous. Although tattooing is indeed dangerous, there are ways that you can reduce or eliminate potential hazards. Each and everyday, tattoo artists have to adhere to a security code to ensure that the risk of contracting HIV or other diseases is little to none.

Professional tattoo artists sterilize their equipment after each use. They use the vapor pressure at the disinfection of the autoclave tattoo their guns and needles. Bleach and alcohol are not sterilize equipment; Rather, they are used in the preparation of equipment. Once bleach and alcohol were used on the instruments, they are then autoclave, which will be sterilized.

When the tattoo artist does tattooing, always wear rubber gloves that can be easily eliminated. The ointment spreaders, as well as any form of rags, which are used should also be available. When you enter the tattoo studio, the floors must be flawless. In the rooms where tattoos are made, the work area must always be clean and healthy.

Before the tattooist began tattooing, it is always necessary to give each customer a brand new series of fresh needles. Secondly, we must always dip needles in a small hat pigment he has done just a great flexible bottle. If artist of the hollow needle into the large bottle, you may very well be fluid sharing with those who have tattoos as well as the big bottle.

Whenever you decide to get a tattoo you should always put safety first. Security is very important with tattoos, as you could otherwise have an illness or a serious infection. Before you decide on a tattoo studio, you should always ensure that they are clean and sanitary. If you get a tattoo of a studio that is dirty or unhealthy, you may wind on an endless spiral of infections and viruses.

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Finding The Right Tribal Back Tattoo - Lower to Upper Back Art

Trying to select the right art for a tribal back tattoo can be a daunting task. It can even be a pain in the, well, back. Whether you are a girl looking for a tribal back tattoo for your lower half, or you are a guy looking for an upper back tribal tattoo that will stand out around your shoulders, you have no doubt scoured the web looking for the perfect designs.

The tribal back tattoo has become mainstream, so a lot of the generic artwork that you happen to see has been all over the internet, and God know how many other people's body. Also, most of the artwork you have seen won't look good on your body, because they are drawn as an art piece, not as a tattoo piece. Tribal back tattoo designs can look amazing, but in this day and age, you will definitely need an experienced artist for this.

First and foremost, there are just so many different tribal back tattoo designs around that you should never have to settle for the random drawings that you see on the internet or parlor wall. While the internet is a great place to find the perfect tribal back tattoo, but as I have said, they are pretty generic and even the good ones are not really drawn for implementation as a tattoo. There are quite a few websites that have tons of original artwork for you to browse, though. You probably just haven't found them yet. You should always use the talents of your favorite local artist to render any design you choose. This way you know it will be 100% original.

Quite a big majority of the tribal back tattoo art is under copy write from various artists around the web. Because of this, their art is not released all over the internet. The designers do this on purpose. Why would an artist want their hard work spread all over the internet and beyond

If you want a truly amazing, original tribal back tattoo, please, do not settle for the first thing you see. Hopefully, very soon, you will find the art for a tribal back tattoo that you have always dreamed of for your lower or upper back.

Want to know where to find the largest, most original websites to browse Tribal Back Tattoo Styles?

Adam Woodham is the author of this article and runs the blog Tribal Art Tattoo which features the 3 top websites with the absolute largest gallery of tribal tattoo art you will ever see. Finding the perfect tribal has never been easier.

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Skull Tattoo Design - Misunderstood Symbolism

When selecting a tattoo design it is extremely important that the design you are going to have etched on to your body is one that you will be satisfied with for the rest of your life. Don't make a hasty decision that you may end up regretting, as the cost of having an unwanted tattoo removed is extremely expensive. Think long and hard before you visit the parlor and commit to a specific design.

Many people make the critical mistake of selecting a tattoo design on the spot, often because they are pressured by friends or influenced by the artist. It is very important that, when choosing a particular design, you consider the reactions that the design will provoke from friends, family and the public in general. So, before you go ahead and choose a particular one, take the time to research the meaning or symbolism behind your particular selection. These days the internet is a fabulous source for investigating the true meanings behind the many tattoo designs that are now available.

A very popular tattoo design is, for example, the skull tattoo design. There are many reasons why people, particularly guys, select this particular design, including the fact that it invokes a degree of masculinity in the wearer. This is because of the implication that the skull tattoo design relates to fear, danger and death. Are the people who choose this design actually aware of the true meaning behind the design?

The true meaning of a skull tattoo design

There is actually a more in-depth meaning to the skull tattoo designs than just fear, danger and death - and in fact it was not originally conceived as a symbol to represent any of these things. It was instead originally used to represent the symbol of 'great change'. In analyzing what them traditionally meant in ancient society we discover that it was related to the happening of great changes and it is highly probable that its association with death grew because of the fact that death is the greatest change that we will experience.

Today it is extremely unfortunate that the majority of the general public does not understand the true meaning of them, and when they see it they automatically relate the symbol to fear, danger and death. A lot of conservative people loathe the design because of its perceived meaning; however, if they were aware of the true meaning behind the design their views may be totally different.

If you decide that this type of design is the one for you, then your next step is to choose which genre you would like to go with. As the designs have been around for centuries the styles have somewhat evolved over time. The styles range from the old fashioned Jolly Roger, the pirate's flag with the skull and cross bones or perhaps you would prefer the bio-mechanical style of skull - the choices are extensive and totally dependent on your personal taste.

So if you are interested in the skull design, or any other particular design, just take a little time to research the meaning symbolized by the design and if they are in alignment with your own true views then go ahead and adorn your body with this fantastic art work.

For more information about Skull Tattoo Designs and ideas about a whole range of tattoo designs, visit Tattoos Amour - Tattoo Gallery of Tattoo Designs.

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Tattoo Designs - Rites Of Past Has Become The Fashion Statement Of Present

Tattoos have served as customs in the past in some indigenous people around the world, symbols of religious and spiritual devotion, decorations for bravery, marks of status and rank, pledges of love, punishment, protection, and as the marks of outcasts, slaves and convicts. The symbolism and impact of tattoos varies from place to place and also varies in cultures. But presently there has been a twist in the concept of being tattooed. Maximum people choose to be tattooed for cosmetic, sentimental/memorial, religious, and magical reasons, and to symbolize their belonging to or identification with particular groups, including criminal gangs or law-abiding subculture. Yantra Tattoo in Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand, is common and popular and is used for protection against evil.

Tattooing has become popular these days thus adding extra bonus to your fashion statement. It is really difficult to assort the tattoo design that appeals your senses from the different types tattoos available. You can even create your own to stand out from the crowd. There are some very brilliant styles and designs assorted according to their popularity, usage and designs for your convenience that you can go for and they are Rose Tattoos, Dragon Tattoos, Tribal Tattoos, Celtic Tattoos and Lower Back Tattoos are to be the few to be mention.

Let us find out what is the reason behind the popularity behind these tattoos. Beginning with:

1. Rose Tattoos: It comes in various colors that depict different emotions. For instance white rose represents purity of soul and innocence, where a red rose symbolizes passion and blooming love and a pink rose portrays profound love. Therefore these tattoos will go well with romantic people portraying their emotions in the form of tattoo.

2. Dragon Tattoos: These tattoos designs are generally used on the arms and whole of the back area symbolizing the strength of the wearer.

3. Tribal Tattoos: Tribal tattoo designs are one of the most famous since hundreds of years undergoing several changes meet the expectations and requirements of the people. The changes could be seen in the colors and equipments used. Modern tattooing machines and guns have replaced the bone needles, styluses and sticks and the black work designs on arms and legs have been replaced by colorful designs on the entire body.

4. Celtic Tattoos: the craze for this type of tattoos has broke the boundaries Celtic Heritage creating more interesting tattoo design by mixing it with other the famous tribal tattoos.

5. Lower Back Tattoos: Lower back tattoo designs dragon, lotus, winged hearts, tribal symbols and butterfly in the waist region of the females tattoos are powerful enough to incite sensuality and interest in the minds of the onlookers.

Selection of tattoo design depends on how portray your emotions and style.

Angel Tattoos - An Expression Of Masculinity Of Men And Divinity Of Female

An angel, literally in any culture or age, represents good-hearted temporality. The word ‘Angel’ evolves from the Greek word for "messenger," and angels are most frequently described as intermediaries between the supernatural world and the world of mankind. Throughout biblical times it was generally believed that the angels are the carriers of messenger from ‘God’. Angels are thought to be the guardians of souls and are godly beings but have been often shown to be weak and prone to sin. Satan could be cited as one of the best known examples of a 'fallen angel.’ Guardian angels are believed to be intelligent spiritual creatures assigned to take care and protect every person on earth according to in Catholicism. It is also believed that each person has a guardian angel assigned to them to assist the person in attaining his eternal redemption. Some refer these guardian angels as guiding spirits who control or guide and particularly help in personal safety.

An angel tattoo is popular tattoos for females and usually takes on the appearance of the stereotypical cherubs sitting on a cloud or as an avenging angel but often they are exemplified as gentle guardians, guides, and personal protectors. Such tattoo emphasizes her search for purity within the soul, her divinity, patience and her presence as a gift to the world and implies that she regards self-confidence as a significant part of beauty and believes in protecting herself and others and will not compromise for anything but the best.

Angel tattoos are also symbolic to men and are believed that men who wear angels are extremely fond of women and a means of an expression of their masculinity and their love and respect for an angelic woman in their life. Men those who are madly in love prefer to have angel tattoos on their body. However, there are several men who wear these tattoos to simply exhibit them as a symbol of personal style.

Generally the most common place to get angel tattoos is on the upper arm or chest for men and on the shoulder or abdomen for females. It can even be seen on the inner wrist or even on the foot! Angel tattoo wings are another common impressive form of tattoo that can be tattooed full size on the back in black ink. Some people depict expired family or friends as guardian angels in their tattoos in order to immortalize them. This is completely a new concept to remember your dear ones. But the most common and reliable reason why people get angel tattoos is probably because angels symbolize protection.